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Ussually mover is run by schedule but some times we run mover manually.


When we run it manually it would be nice to know how long will take mover to copy all the files.


I feel safe not working with files while mover is running. (sure is paranoia but I feel safe)


Would it be possible to add some kind of % bar showing information about the mover process?

At least I will know how long will it take.





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Edit the mover script and add the


option to each rsync command, then display the output in the webGUI by tailing a file? Then you can see specifically which file it's moving, how fast, and ETA to completion. Would be better detail than a progress bar and easier than trying to make a progress bar around each rsync command.

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On 11/7/2016 at 4:52 AM, jedimstr said:

As an alternative if you just want to see what the mover is doing without % and know exactly when complete, you can hit the Log button in the navigation while Mover is running. That shows you exactly what it's doing and when done.

A couple of threads have mentioned this but there's no information about mover displayed in the log other than the start of the script.

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11 minutes ago, cinereus said:

A couple of threads have mentioned this but there's no information about mover displayed in the log other than the start of the script.

I think its disabled by default these days, but you can enable it here:

Scheduler > Mover Settings > Mover Logging > Enabled

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Also wanted to add this as it helped for my situation although i wouldn't consider it an acceptable workaround.

I decided to move my movie collection from my array of two spinning disks to my cache pool of two SSDs.

I changed the shares>cache setting from Yes to Prefer for the movies share then invoked the mover.


If you then click on the shares>view button on the far right side of the shame name you can sort by location and watch the progress of the folders being move from "Disk1 " to "Disk1, Cache" then finally to "Cache".

Obviously your names for the array and cache may differ.


Unfortunately this doesn't auto-refresh but hitting the refresh hotkey/button on your browser (or at least with firefox) does update the current status.

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6 minutes ago, cinereus said:

Could people not do exactly what the mover does with unBALANCE instead?

I suppose you could move things with unBALANCE if you wanted to, but there are other things mover does related to when and what it moves. Mover runs on schedule without you having to initiate it, and mover decides what to move where based on the settings of each user share.

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+1. Just like parity check, it'd be nice to see mover speed/progress/ETA as well as errors. Recently I had files in cache that would not move to the array due to checksum errors that was apparent from the log. After running a scrub on the cache I was able to identify which files were corrupted.

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I came across this searching for a solution to the mystery of mover.  I thought I could look at iotop but everything is hidden under the veil of shfs :/


+1 to some way of seeing mover progress.  Thanks!


P.S. The previous suggestions indicate unBALANCE is used like mover? Are people ignoring the warning "unBALANCE needs exclusive access to disks, so disable mover and/or any dockers that write to disks, before running it.". mover is great as is balances the cache/array while everything is running. I assume unBALANCE can be used for this??

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added unBALANCE question.
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unBALANCE is about disks, mover is about user shares.


unBALANCE moves from specified disks in the array to other specified disks in the array.


Mover moves user share files from cache to array or array to cache based entirely on the settings of each user share. Each user share's settings controls which disk the files wind up on.

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+1 from me.

This would be awesome and very helpful for working with shares you download to but because you also need them to be present in PLEX for example and have them on the arrey to be safe and them being bigger in size than 1 TB (meaning bigger than your cache drive) and additionally you want to work with TinyMediaManager on them you set those shares to "Use cache: Yes". A progress bar would be VERY helpful in this usecase!


Any news on that?

Will we get this in 6.9?

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