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I have submitted a pull request for consideration. Initially this will only update after each share being transferred and just shows a percentage complete.




Status will also update for scheduled moves. The transfers to and from are sequential so you will not see both at the same time.  From would say 0% complete until To had finished or will show nothing to transfer if that is the case.



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On 2/19/2021 at 12:02 AM, jamerperson said:

I'd love that feature too. I suggested it to the mover-tuner-plugin author, but he isn't sure if he can implement it.

With recent changes I think this can be implemented.  Just will take some extra loops and creating a rather large file list.  Then sending the file list to the mover instead of the individual find commands.  Will keep track of this thread to see when it comes out in beta.   But.. Depends on how it's implemented...  Will check back once the feature is released.

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Hello there,


It would also be nice to see what file the mover is currently working on, what files have been transfered and what files are in the query to be moved.

Also it would be nice to see in the WebUI which files will be moved with the next "mover run"

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