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So I am kind of in the same boat here.. the mover is running trying to move files onto the cache filling it up and I've turned off caching on my shares but can't kill the mover and I was in the middle of adding a second parity so I can't exactly restart either.. None of the commands in this thread kill the mover.. The rsyncs just keep coming back like zombies.. Are there any other commands that can be used?

Check my post above to see what I did. Basically, let it go until it finishes trying (and failing) to move files to the cache. Verify by watching the log. Then manually shut down/reboot. Fix the offending share's cache settings. Finally, invoke the mover to move data back to the array.


There needs to be a way to stop the mover in situations like this.


I second this. I am right now watching unRaid trying to move a large user share onto the cache (due to using - wrongly - Prefer setting), and of course failing due to lack of space. Have tried pkill mover and killall rsync to no avail.


It seems that my option is to wait it out - which I will then have to. Implementing a "Stop Mover" function would be very helpful.



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i second the notion to have a stop mover functionality in the gui.


a friend of mine has setup his first unRAID after seeing it at my place. now (cause of the wording "prefer") he changed a share and the mover started to copy all contents onto the cache drive – which is a SSD – and chokes becuase of too less space.


now i tried alle commands which were recommended here in this thread – all DON'T work. they don't stop the mover!

i would bet this situation will pop up more often and because of the misleading wording chosen for it's different kind of use cases.

if nobody has a perfect one/two word naming, then (and why not), give the thing a small description in form of "Prefer (move/keep all share contents)"


now, back to the question: how to stop a running mover script?

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On 10/1/2017 at 7:14 AM, johnnie.black said:

mover stop

Oh god damn. Just spent an hour trying to work out why the limetech suggestions at the start of this thread didn't work :/


Good to know! Would be great to have this in the UI if only to save time googling dozens of threads!

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On 5/14/2020 at 7:41 PM, cinereus said:

Just spent an hour trying to work out why the limetech suggestions at the start of this thread didn't work

That's why I recommended the "mover stop" post so it appears at the top of the thread ;)


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mover stop


worked for me, my mover has been running for 4 days straight without actually moving any files and my cache is full now. stopped and manually cleared some files to give it some breathing room and re-ran mover.

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