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Hi, can you make sure you're using Unraid's port in the app (80 or 443 generally).


If that's not the issue, can you try the following in the app

- Go to Settings > Open Source Libraries
- After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1)
- Now try connecting manually (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom)
- It should go back to the main screen
- Go to manual add again
- It should be displaying some debug message
- Take a screenshot and send it contact@apertoire.net


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Hi, I think Unraid's webGui has a much cleaner interface for editing containers, and you have more screen real estate if you do it from your desktop.


About upgrade notifications, it's something on my radar, although not really a priority.


I have some news to share in the "short medium term"(tm), nothing earth-shattering, but I think many people would think of them as good news :)

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No POWER ON option for unRAID server #2 when using my Android phone, but my Android tablet does have POWER ON option for that server.:


On my Android phone I can see both unRAID servers and, if the unRAID servers are on, I can get info from them using ControlR. But if they are powered off, server 2 is all grayed out in ControlR on my phone. That is, the POWER ON is not blue and I thus I can not issue a WOL command to start it remotely.


On my Android tablet I can also see both unRAID servers and, if they are on, I can also get info from them. On the tablet, if the unRAID servers are off, BOTH of the servers offer the POWER ON option.


On the phone, I’ve tried removing the server and re-adding it (added it manually using IP address). Made no difference, POWER ON remains gray.


On the unRAID servers I’ve checked various different server settings but have not found anything that seems to be different.


One thing I just noticed – on unRAID 1, when I go into SETTINGS and select ControlR, the top left line is in green and says “Open Web UI(v2.19.0)”, and on the top right the STATUS is RUNNING. On unRAID 2 the top left line is orange and says “ControlR v2.19.0” and the top right the STATUS says STOPPED. But if the server is running I CAN still get info via BOTH the phone and table for server 2 even when the STATUS says STOPPED, and I can not find out how to change the status to RUNNING.


Both unRAID servers list port 2378 in the ControlR setup.  Both unRAID servers are running version 6.8.3.


WOL used to work on my phone, but it does not work now. I did recently enable DEVELOPERS OPTION on the phone (so I could get “scrcpy” to work - totally unrelated to unRAID), but I’m pretty sure the WOL on the 2nd unRAID was not working on the phone before I enabled Developer Options.


UnRAID 2 is an older PC, its BIOS does not support VMs so I do have VM Manager set to NO on that server.


Powering both of the unRAID servers DOWN works on both tablet and phone.


I should mention that I have NOT actually enabled WOL on server 1 – can’t find the right setting in BIOS yet. But even without that, ControlR has always “offered” the POWER ON option for both servers.  And, as mentioned, the POWER ON for server 2 does work via tablet, but not via phone.


Phone: Galaxy A10e (SM-A102U)

Android version 9


Tablet: Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830)

Android version 10




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2 hours ago, RobertP said:


One thing I just noticed – on unRAID 1, when I go into SETTINGS and select ControlR, the top left line is in green and says “Open Web UI(v2.19.0)”, and on the top right the STATUS is RUNNING. On unRAID 2 the top left line is orange and says “ControlR v2.19.0” and the top right the STATUS says STOPPED. But if the server is running I CAN still get info via BOTH the phone and table for server 2 even when the STATUS says STOPPED, and I can not find out how to change the status to RUNNING.


Hi, thanks for the detailed report !


The POWER ON functionality requires the ControlR plugin to be running, so it's definitely odd that on your tablet, POWER ON is enabled (since the plugin isn't running), but let's try to figure it all out.


On the command line of server 2, try

/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' -showups

and post back the output.

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# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' -showups
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:58: controlr v2020.05.09|2.19.0 starting ...
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:66: No config file specified. Using app defaults ...
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:266: cert: found UR2-Tower_unraid_bundle.pem
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 app.go:171: host(
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:81: starting service Core ...
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:304: Created system sensor ...
I: 2020/07/09 19:03:11 core.go:325: Created apc ups ...
2020/07/09 19:03:11 Unable to wait for process to finish: exit status 1

It still said STOPPED.  I tried rebooting unRAID #2, but it still says STOPPED.

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APC      : 001,036,0881
DATE     : 2020-07-11 18:56:29 -0400  
VERSION  : 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware
UPSNAME  : UR2-Tower
CABLE    : USB Cable
UPSMODE  : Stand Alone
STARTTIME: 2020-07-11 18:40:25 -0400  
MODEL    : Back-UPS NS 900M 
LINEV    : 120.0 Volts
LOADPCT  : 40.0 Percent
BCHARGE  : 100.0 Percent
TIMELEFT : 14.9 Minutes
MBATTCHG : 20 Percent
MINTIMEL : 5 Minutes
MAXTIME  : 0 Seconds
SENSE    : Medium
LOTRANS  : 92.0 Volts
HITRANS  : 139.0 Volts
ALARMDEL : 30 Seconds
BATTV    : 13.6 Volts
LASTXFER : Unacceptable line voltage changes
TONBATT  : 0 Seconds
CUMONBATT: 0 Seconds
STATFLAG : 0x05000008
SERIALNO : 4B1826P30593  
BATTDATE : 2018-06-28
NOMINV   : 120 Volts
NOMBATTV : 12.0 Volts
NOMPOWER : 480 Watts
FIRMWARE : 932.a7 .D USB FW:a7
END APC  : 2020-07-11 18:56:29 -0400  


I did swap UPS between server 1 and 2 . . . Trying to recall if that's about the time this problem started.  Don't remember for sure.  After above, ControlR still says STOPPED on server 2.


By the way - now my tablet also does not see the POWER ON option when unRAID 2 is off.  POWER ON is grayed out on both phone and tablet now - I noticed that before I issued the above.


I tried turning off the UPS in ControlR - UR2 still said STOPPED.  I shut down both unraids, my phone, and my tablet.  Both phone and tablet still have POWER ON grayed out for UR2.  Powered up both unRAID servers manually.  UR1 still says RUNNING under ControlR, and UR2 still says STOPPED.


And, even though UR2 says STOPPED, I CAN use ControlR on both phone and tablet to get status info on BOTH unRAID servers.  (And I can issue a POWER OFF from either phone or tablet to shut down the servers.)

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Well, that's strange, I seriously believed you'd get an error running /sbin/apcaccess.


I'll check the output you sent to look for any issues.


You can generally use the app without the pluging running, it's just you won't have access to some additional features (such as POWER ON, UPS stats, etc).



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I am having an issue with the plugin. ControlR can connect to my server just fine, but can't show logs and execute actions that necessitate the plugin.


Plugin is installed, and when switched to ON, I can see the status changing to Running and then immediately reverting back to Stopped.

I tried to re-install the plugin from CA, delete the config files, but it still won't start the service.


The console outputs when starting the service.

Jul 20 19:30:59 und ool www[6396]: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/scripts/start
Jul 20 19:30:59 und sudo:     root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/usr/local/emhttp ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/bash -c /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' 

The config file is pretty standard:



I also checked that no other web server is running on 2378 and it is definitely free to use.

It used to work just fine a couple weeks ago, and I don't remember changing anything that can affect the plugin, other than normal and regular updates.


Is there something wrong with my setup ? Is it a known issue ?


Many thanks everyone!

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Thank you for your answer.


Here's the console output when run from command line:

I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 app.go:58: controlr v2020.05.09|2.19.0 starting ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 app.go:66: No config file specified. Using app defaults ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 app.go:171: host(
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 core.go:81: starting service Core ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 core.go:304: Created system sensor ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 core.go:334: No ups detected ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 server.go:92: Starting service Server ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 server.go:111: Serving files from /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 server.go:168: Server started listening http on :2378
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 server.go:180: Server started listening https on :2379
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 api.go:46: Starting service Api ...
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 api.go:93: Api started listening https on :2382
I: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 app.go:84: Press Ctrl+C to stop ...
F: 2020/07/21 20:07:58 server.go:176: Unable to start https server: read /boot/config/ssl/certs: is a directory
 http server started on [::]:2378
 https server started on [::]:2382

It looks like it doesn't like the certs location but I don't really understand why.


The folder contains (along with the Unraid default certificate):

root@und:/boot/config/ssl/certs# ls
controlr_cert.pem  controlr_key.pem


Hope this helps!


All the best,

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It looks for




And it thinks than none of them are present.


In this scenario, the plugin generates self-signed certificates and it should work, but looking at the code, I can see that's not the case, there's actually a bug, since it doesn't use the self-signed certs for the its web ui.


This is something I'll look into.


In the meantime, I'd suggest you to regenerate Unraid's certs by toggling the Unraid SSL setting off/on.


That should create the Unraid certs.


If you have SSL set to auto, then switch to auto, after the on/off toggle.



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I tried to re-create the Unraid cert as you recommended and it didn't solve the problem.


root@und:/boot/config/ssl/certs# ls
controlr_cert.pem  controlr_key.pem  und_unraid_bundle.pem

All of those certificate were re-created just now


Console output is still the same.

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Server name is 'und.ukb'. I actually changed that very recently, do you think the dot confuses the plugin as the name and certificate apparently don't match ?




Just reverted to 'und' as name and the issue is fixed! So yes, the dot in the server name confuses the plugin somehow.

Thank you for helping me resolve this!

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No beta.  I'm running 6.8.3 on both servers.  Server shows things like 84 F, 91 F, etc.  But in the TEMP column on the DISKS tab on my Android, it is showing 29, 33, and etc.


I do not see anything on the plug-in showing TEMP settings.  Remember that I still have that issue where it says STOPPED on both servers and WOL no longer works on either server.  But despite the STOPPED msg on the servers, my Android phone and tablet DO read both of the unRAID servers.  I've tried turning off the UPS status as you suggested, but same issue.  Not sure if the temp issue showed up at the same time as the UPS status issue and WOL issue.


Oh - interesting - my original unRAID is once again showing RUNNING!  And the temp of that server on my Android IS in F.  But for a while that one also began showing STOPPED and WOL stopped working.  Have not tried WOL for a while.  Remember that my "newer" unRAID server is running on an old Dell Pentium-D system - so that may have something to do with my issues (can't even run VM's on that box!  I'm hoping to upgrade it this spring . . . maybe!)  


Not sure if you recall - I was having WOL issues with my "newer" unRAID (on Pentium-D), but my older unRAID was working fine.  We discussed it, and during our exchanges (if I remember correctly), the older server also began having issues with saying STOPPED.  But now (at this MOMENT in time!), the older one is showing RUNNING and the temp on my cell are correct for that server.  (The "older" server uses a Xeon E3-1230 CPU.)


I have the SYSTEM TEMP plugin installed on both servers.  I had forgotten that on the "new (Pentium-D)" one it says "no drivers" when I click DETECT for the SYSTEM TEMP.  But on the "old (Xeon)" one, it uses CORETEMP driver.  So it could easily be that the Pentium-D one just doesn't have the proper temp sensors . . . So the server does not show SYSTEM temp, but that also makes me wonder if it is showing the DRIVE temp correctly!  Yet another reason I should really upgrade the motherboard/CPU/etc on that system!

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