Can't login to my unRAID!!

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Last evening I installed Windows as a VM and made a few configuration changes following Lime-techs guide and now I can't access my unRAID at all! It acts like it isn't connecting to my network at all. I can get it to the login of "root@unlee~:" but that is all. I try to access from another computer that is on the same network and nothing...Did I mess something up when I installed Windows? How do I access unRAID to fix it? Any help at all is appreciated, and btw I am considered a novice when it comes to this stuff so you may have to "spell" things out for me. Thanks!

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I do have a keyboard/mouse and monitor plugged into it - I had to switch the monitor back to the CPU instead of the Graphics card so I could see what it was booting to. How do I go about "ping-ing" the IP address from another computer?


If you know the IP address of you unRAID box you can type that into Chrome, Firefox or IE and see if it connects. Sometimes windows forgets the name of the server on the network (IE:Tower) and will not let you access the GUI that way. If you can see it via SSH, which I believe you said that you can then it it working and probably a windows issue.


Which version of unRAID are you running? Some of the newer versions allow for GUI booting so you can control the box directly and not from another computer. You could use the GUI mode to see what is going on with the VM and maybe undo anything that is causing connectivity issues.

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Post up the Diagnostics file that you get by typing    diagnostics  at the command line on your monitor.  You will have to shutdown the server (quick press of the power button should do that)  and pull the Flash Drive.  Take the drive to a PC (or MAC) and open the drive.  There will be a .zip file in the root of the drive with "diagnostics" as a part of the name.  Attach that file to your next post.


(If the file is not in the root, looked in the  logs   folder.)

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