Device disabled after replace Server


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Hi 2 week's ago I changed my server to more powerfull server with dual xeon e5-2670.


was working pretty fine but yesterday the parity check was activated(1 every month the first running on this server)


And surprise I get on 3 drives multiple read/write errors, the powersupply have 700W but I have a sai with 480W, could be the problem?

because doesn't have sense to have 3 drivers with errors.

I restarted the server and now i'm getting a drive disabled,

Maybe the sata cables, maybe the controller?


I have the MB


what should I do, i don't think have any problem with the HDD, checking the S.M.A.R.T data all is fine.



I checked the HDD, all are fine, i suspect something releated with the PSU because the  3 HDD are connected to the same PSU electric cable(the typical cable with 3 sata connectors)


For now I replaced the sata cables and conected this 3 HDD to different controller.(SAS controller)




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Hi sorry it's 850W the psu



the powersupply have 700W but I have a sai with 480W

maybe i'm wrong but i thought your power supply is limited to the sai output, it isn't?


my sig is fine is exactly the machine were i having this trouble.



I though the problem was the power supply but I changed the sata cable of the 3 drive that I get disconnections and changed to an other sata controller, ran parity check and no errors and no disconnections.


It's weird to think about  this 3 cables have problems, and I have more HDD pluged to this "problematic sata controller" and are working fine.


So i'm not sure what is the problem



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Don't rule out the SATA controller. I had a very similar issue where each drive would read/write fine, but when something i/o intensive happened on the controller involving multiple drives (such as a parity check), bad things would happen. I kept getting parity errors, disabled drives, etc. For me it was the pcie sata controller. I replaced it and haven't had an issue since.

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