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Docker - Apache-LetsEncrypt

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Apache-LetsEncrypt Docker


I am happy to announce that I have managed to create a Docker for Apache-LetsEncrypt. This will properly install the certificates for you as well as renewing them.


This docker is completely based on LinuxServer's Apache Docker. All credit and merits go to them. I also encourage you to donate to them if you have not done so.


Setup is simple. You must have a valid domain name registered, that will lead to this Docker. I will not get into how to achieve this, as it is very involved. You simply enter specific parameters in the Docker template, and the setup will take care of the rest.


LetsEncrypt requires a lot of dependencies. The initial setup for this takes a long time. I suggest you monitor the progress in the log window. Docker restarts will work almost as fast as the regular Apache Docker.


The Docker sets up a cron task that runs every 3 days to see if the certificates need renewing. You can also add your own cron tasks to the crons.conf file in /config. If you add your own job, make sure you re-start the Docker to enable your edit.




The Bad News


I am NOT an expert! I manage to cobble this together from various bits of code. When it comes to configuring Apache, I am a babe in the woods. I have added a sample defaults.conf file in the root of /config in order to help guide others. This is by no means a guarantee that it will work for what you are trying to do.


As a starter, you need to create and add an .htppasswd file to /config/apache. Google how to create this.


In your various apps (like Sab, Couchpotato, Sonarr, etc) you will need to configure to use a URL Base to get to the reverse proxies shown on the sample file.



As I mentioned, I don't think I can do a decent job at supporting Apache issues. I can do my best, but there are others who know a great deal more than I do.


To install, paste the below link to you Docker Repositories, Template Repositories... and click "save"






I hope you find this useful.





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Thanks for this. Took a while to transfer from my old setup.  But got it working.

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