backup solution using unassigned devices

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My current backup solution is some premade robocopy bat files, ran on some hot swap drives on my windows box.  I just pop in the drive, drop to dos, run the script, and the swap to the next hdd and run its script.  Nuttin fancy.


However now my server is ran off a power line adapter, and instead of getting 100 meg a sec, im getting 35 meg (still not bad).


Im wondering how do i adapt my solution to run off of drives(ntfs gpt) that are popped directly into the unraid box using unassigned devices, so i dont have to transfer over the network.


Is there a magic docker i can install that i can rig up a simple script for each backup drive to; replace file if changed/new, delete file if deleted at source.


Midnight commander





Im willing to use anything, even via putty telnet since its what i kinda do now with my manual start bat files.

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You can make the Unassigned Devices plugin automatically run a script whenever you plug in an external USB disk. Several people use that as an effective backup method. If you want to put the disks inside your server so that they are permanently mounted using UD you could use the User Scripts plugin to schedule regular backup tasks. See and

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