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Auto Update doesn't spin up new instances of a few containers I have after an update attempt. 

The image is updated, but then they just disappear and aren't spun back up again. 

I can bring them back up manually by using the User Templates section in the Templates drop down. 

So not quite sure why Auto Update wouldn't spin them up again even though the template still exists for the containers. 

If I update the containers manually it works just fine.

Also note worthy these are my own unraid templates, https://github.com/Exist2Resist/docker-templates/tree/master/exist2resist

The containers that don't spin back up are Collabora, and Gitlab-CE after updates, all the other ones update fine. 

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A plugin designed to keep all (or selected) plugins / dockers up to date, with options for delayed upgrades.   Formerly part of Community Applications, this module is now packaged separately

No it's my fault.  A piece of experimental code I was working on mistakenly wound up in the release version.  Check for updates

Actually hadn't forgotten...   I have to wait until Friday's round of lsio updates, but what I'm going to do is this.   No GUI as I see this as rather limited in user needs  

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20 hours ago, eagle470 said:

So this is an interesting post regarding auto updates for docker with the new paid limits on Docker Pulls. What is doing to be done by both this app and UnRAID to address this? 

Every check for an update to a container counts as a pull.  Every update performed counts as a pull.  To hit the 100 / 6 hours, you would have to have 50 containers all showing an update and all of them you decide to update.  Unlikely to happen (but still possible).  Unraid itself has a maximum check rate of 4 times / day (every 6 hours), and this plugin (unless you configure it with a custom cron expression) has a maximum check rate of every 24 hours.


Of course (as has been noted previously in this thread), there is zero reason to enable Unraid checking for updates (Settings - notification settings) if you are using this plugin.

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I have a Compose of 18 Mailcow containers.
So, in the yml file, all the latest versions, but the plugin shows that you need an update.
How to get rid of it? 
I've tried to disable the update check in the plug-in settings, but not all containers come out there.


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Sorry if it has already been raised as a request, but could CA Auto Update be updated to replicate (or trigger) the network rebuild functionality as added to Unraid as per this thread?



On 2/14/2020 at 3:47 PM, bonienl said:

When you go to the Docker page and update the "vpn" container, it will automatically update all other containers which depend on it.


On 2/15/2020 at 8:02 AM, bonienl said:

No, it doesn’t work together with the CA auto updater


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I've run some one-off containers from the command line that are auto-named by docker. Even after removing the container or using the --rm option they still show up in the notification of auto-updated containers. I've done a little looking but I'm unable to figure out how they're getting included in the notifications. Any idea how I can fix this?

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I've been having an issue where containers are disappearing when auto update updates them.  Oddly enough I didn't have this issue before I reset my entire unraid and started from scratch so I have absolutely no idea what I've done differently here.  After hours of trying to find something on the forums and trying to figure out why it's doing this I just can't seem to find a solution.


Looking at the logs, autoupdate doesn't seem to run into any issues, yet the container gets removed the docker tab and the container folder stays in the appdata folder and I have to go back to "previously installed apps" to re-install it again.



Feb 19 04:00:01 Asterix Plugin Auto Update: Checking for available plugin updates
Feb 19 04:00:09 Asterix Plugin Auto Update: Community Applications Plugin Auto Update finished
Feb 19 04:00:56 Asterix kernel: mdcmd (51): spindown 2
Feb 19 04:15:02 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Community Applications Docker Autoupdate running
Feb 19 04:15:02 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Checking for available updates
Feb 19 04:15:29 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Stopping netdata
Feb 19 04:17:01 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Installing Updates for netdata
Feb 19 04:24:52 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Restarting netdata
Feb 19 04:24:52 Asterix Docker Auto Update: Community Applications Docker Autoupdate finished
Feb 19 04:31:59 Asterix root: /etc/libvirt: 920.1 MiB (964808704 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop3
Feb 19 04:31:59 Asterix root: /var/lib/docker: 8.6 GiB (9174114304 bytes) trimmed on /dev/loop2
Feb 19 04:31:59 Asterix root: /mnt/cache: 387.5 GiB (416058400768 bytes) trimmed on /dev/sdc1
Feb 19 04:40:05 Asterix root: Fix Common Problems Version 2021.02.18
Feb 19 04:40:37 Asterix root: Fix Common Problems: Other Warning: Mover logging is enabled




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