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A plugin to extend the autostart options for docker applications.   This plugin will give you the option to explicitly select the order that docker apps will start up in (useful if one app d

- Added ability to wait for a port to become active before carrying on.  The timeout / delay is how long to wait for the port to come alive.  After that is exceeded, then the system will continue on w

If you don't give it a port to check against then it uses the timer Sent from my LG-D852 using Tapatalk

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13 minutes ago, b0m541 said:

This plugin hasn't been updated in a while and is reported as outdated in "fix common problems".

Is its functionality superseded or incorporated by unRAID 6.8 ?

If yes, how?

If not, do you plan an update of the plugin?


I "think" all the functionality is now built in and has been for some time :)


You can change the order in which containers start by using drag-and-drop on the Dockers tab.  In advanced view you can add a delay after starting a container before the next one should be started.


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4 hours ago, itimpi said:

I "think" all the functionality is now built in and has been for some time :)


unRaid doesn't support one feature that the plugin offered:  Waiting for an IP address / port to be opened (ie: waiting for another application to actually be running), but you can work around it via time-outs.

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