Some Help Text Links Incorrectly

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This is in version 6.2.4 but it might exist before this version.


When you are on the Main Page under the Array Devices Tab with the Help text on there are some links embed in the help text to help you navigate and change settings.


In Example:

Temp. (temperature) is read directly from the device. You configure which units to use on the Display Preferences page. We do not read the temperature of spun-down hard drives since this typically causes them to spin up; instead we display the * symbol. We also display the * symbol for SSD and Flash devices, though sometimes these devices do report a valid temperature, and sometimes they return the value 0.

In this case the The "Display Preferences Page" is a link. However this takes you too http://Tower/Settings/Display which is incorrect. The actual page it should link to is http://Tower/Settings/DisplaySettings This is the case for every display preferences link in that help area on Main Array Devices.


I feel like someone should audit and verify that there aren't other broken links too, which is quite possible.


Impact: Low, just a bit confusing if you click the link and wonder why it doesn't take you to a working page. This can be fixed at any point just as long as it's rolled in eventually.

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