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Application: Booksonic

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/ironicbadger/booksonic/

GitHub: https://github.com/magmpzero/docker-templates



Booksonic is a fork of the popular Subsonic streaming server but modified to focus 100% on audiobooks.  I put this simple template together so others could enjoy using this software.  For more information on booksonic, visit the official website: http://booksonic.org/



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Thanks for setting this up too...


My /var/config is setup the same as kolafson and it too is empty...


Although it's working fine from a browser I'm having problems accessing it from the Booksonic app. I've it setup in Bridge mode with the correct port mappings on my firewall but getting the ERROR "Connection failure. A problem occurred communicating with the server". The Booksonic App connects fine to my Subsonic docker (setup in Host mode)..


I've tried to setup Booksonic in Host mode but it fails to open the webpage...

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Try using the following to connect from the app:




I have had to add booksonic to the end of the URL for some reason.  I didn't build this docker, just the template for unraid but may start building my own so I can help out more with issues that pop up.




Nice one..!! Working perfectly now, thanks...  :)


...any idea why it's appdata folder is empty?

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Thanks so much for this!  I've installed, and it's working just fine.  There is one oddity though - its appdata folder is empty, so I'm not sure where the files are being stored.  I've mapped /var/config to /mnt/cache/appdata/Booksonic, but that Booksonic folder has nothing in it.




I didn't build this docker.


FYI i built this thing in about 30 seconds a few months ago to keep my wife quiet, it hasn't seen any updates since nor will it. I dont mind you creating a template for it but common courtesy might have been a quick PM or something.

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Dude, settle down.  I just found a random docker image on the hub and made a template for it so more people could use booksonic.  How was I supposed to know you were an unraid user that actually had an account and was the same person who created the image.  I don't have a crystal ball.


Sorry for trying to help.  I remove this template and let you create one so you can get all the credit for creating the image.

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