Hard drives (6tb internal Walmart & 8tb external Best Buy) US $169.99


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Toshiba X300 HDWE160XZSTA 6TB Internal Hard Drive (2-year limited warranty) ~ $169.99



Seagate - Backup Plus Hub 8TB External USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive - Black (2 year warranty... though likely void if they can tell you removed it... not sure) ~ $169.99 or $25 off with VISA Checkout Discount = $144.99



Not what I had hoped drive prices & availability would be, but seems to be the best large hard drive prices for this year.

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You DO have to watch very carefully (and read the fine print) on some of these deals -- especially at Best Buy.  I recently bought a printer at a VERY good price for my daughter based on their e-mail specials ... bought it right away and selected store pick-up so I could drive down and get it later;  then that evening I decided to buy another one for my grandson, but when I went online to buy it the price had more than DOUBLED !!    This was perhaps 6 hours after I bought the first one.  (I didn't buy the 2nd one)


... Picked up the printer the next day - set it up and it works very nicely.  Then - lo & behold - Best Buy had another e-mail this weekend with the same deal, so I did get a 2nd one at the same price (online with free shipping this time, as they were no longer in stock for local store pickup).


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Bought 2 of the 6TB toshiba's.  These will go into my primary backup array for dual parity and last me for years to come as I slowly upgrade from 2/3 tB's to 4TB's.


I just saw the 6TB's from Wal-Mart were down to $159. Not sure if deal is still on. I picked up one about a week ago to replace my single parity drive.

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