Add SMART tests and settings for unassigned devices


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7 hours ago, ljm42 said:
  1. Consider modifying UD to make it more clear why the "Smart Attributes" link is disabled. This seems to be a source of confusion.

The second post in the UD support forum describes this issue

  • A drive that is not mounted will show spun down and will not show temperature unless a script file is created.  The Disk Attributes will also be disabled for the drive.  The easiest way to handle this is to click on the edit script icon, select the default script, and then save it.  The default script does not do anything with the drive.

I'm not going to write code to get around people not reading the UD forum.


UD was originally designed to be a way to mount a USB drive so files could easily be copied to/from a USB drive.  It has morphed into supporting mounted disks for Dockers and VMs when these should really be array drives.  You are really asking UD to support a drive the same way as a drive in the array.  If you want that level of support, then put the drive in the array.

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4 hours ago, dlandon said:

I'm not going to write code to get around people not reading the UD forum.


I almost didn't list that third item, but I thought it was worth considering.  Thanks for considering it :)


Sidenote - interesting that the forum changed it to item 1 when you quoted me

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