instructions for adding a 2nd cache drive


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Where can I  find the instructions for adding a 2nd cache drive?


I have precleared a new drive and I have assigned it to slot 2.  I now see a cache pool.  I read in these forums that I need to run the Balance command / button on cache drive 1, so I did that too.  The balance is still running.


How do I confirm I have this setup correctly?  See attached screenshot.  Next to the 2nd cache drive, it doesn't show the same stats, like nothing under FS, so I want to be sure it was added correctly.




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1 minute ago, surfshack66 said:

This link doesn't seem to work. Is there another location of instructions on how to add a 2nd cache drive (with the current cache drive having an xfs filesystem type)?

Many links are broken on this new forum software, but that one seems to work fine for me. Try clicking on it in your own post where you said it doesn't work.

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4 minutes ago, said:


First backup your cache:


I'm glad you mentioned this.


I have a duplicati docker. I have backups of the cache.


What happens in the case I need to restore the cache, but I can't start the duplicati docker because my appdata and vdisks(docker.img, VMs) is on the cache?

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