Seagate Enterprise Capacity 512e sata or 4kn sata?


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I'm replacing a couple of old drives and read some reviews on the Seagate Enterprise Capacity drives.  These are stated to be of the fastest spinners available today.  I have two of 512n sata 2tb drives for my cache pool and they are working great.  I want to buy the 8tb drive to replace my parity drive, but they only offer that drive in 512e sata or 4kn sata (if you need sata).  These new advanced format drives are cool, but there are warnings that some OS's cannot deal with the elimination of 512k sectors, and most cannot deal with 4k sector sizes.


The specific model I'm interested in is ST8000NM0055


I'm running unraid 6.2.4 and all 8 of my data drives are the standard 512n sata and they are FS reiserfs.  My cache pool drives are berfs.


Will unraid work with either the 512e or 4kn sata drives?  If yes to both, which is best with my setup?



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