Windows 10 VM "native" resolution stucked to 800x600 on VNC mode


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HI guys,


I hope somebody can help me. I´ve searched already the forum and net but could not find anything that helps.


I am running a Windows 10 vm on VNC graphics. There is no dedicated graphics and also not needed.


Problem is that I cannot change the resolution from 800x600 to anything else. It is greyed out in Windows. RDP is working fine with any resolution. But if I go with Team Viewer it is connecting to the native desktop and then I see only 800x600 again which is aboluteley not workable.


I changed alsready the VNC graphic driver from QXL to cirrus. No change. VMGA is greyed out on the settings so I can´t test that.



I also tried to install the QXL driver from virtIO.iso but the driver is not win10 capable. :(



I need this urgently. please help





I found the solution :D


Just found out that on fedoraproject is a much newer virtio iso taht contains the qxldod driver. this is w10 ready and works. Resolution is now changable and works great.


maybe this helps somebody else as well.

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Hi Donativo,


I just had the same problem, and it can be fixed by installing the vitrIO driver for the vnc GPU. 


Go to "manage devices" and right click on your GPU -> update driver -> select your virtIO drive -> click OK. 

I had mine installed in 5 sec. and it's working like a charm now. I found the solution here.


I know it's bit late since the topic was created, but thought others might have the same issues I did. :)



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