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Hi sages,


Most humbly appreciative for any support you might offer here.


I lost power recently to my unraid, upon reboot I access the GUI and start array, but the array never starts, and the GUI hangs and becomes fully unresponsive.

Tower still pings, and responds to SSH. Based on my independent research I suspect a corrupted filesystem on one of the disks. I immediately suspected the cache disk, because it has active processed running on it (deluge), and has a tendency to not bounce back as well from unclean shutdowns.


Started in maintenance mode and ran a check using the inbuild unraid 6 file system check tool under the disk management page using default read only settings, no errors were reported.

Ran a diagnostics and am reading over the logs, but can't seem to work out which disk has the issue. If you can advise me that would be fantastic.


Sincerely, Paul


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Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: plugin: running: /boot/packages/python-2.7.5-x86_64-1.txz
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: 
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: +==============================================================================
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: | Upgrading python-2.7.9-x86_64-1 package using /boot/packages/python-2.7.5-x86_64-1.txz
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: +==============================================================================
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: 
Dec 12 18:23:50 unraid root: Pre-installing package python-2.7.5-x86_64-1...
Dec 12 18:23:55 unraid root: 
Dec 12 18:23:55 unraid root: Removing package /var/log/packages/python-2.7.9-x86_64-1-upgraded-2016-12-12,18:23:50...


Then after taking the array online and offline a few times:


Dec 12 18:25:20 unraid emhttp: unclean shutdown detected


Dec 12 18:35:19 unraid sudo:     root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=nobody ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/deluged -c /mnt/cache/deluge -l /mnt/cache/deluge/deluged.log -P /var/run/deluged/


I see you are using a very messy plugin-based Deluge setup that plonks conflicting versions of Python on the system, first 2.7.9, then 2.7.5 replaces 2.7.9 like it's a newer version. And lots of Python libraries. And ZIP and RAR and Par2 and yenc utilities. And then the last thing it does at the end is start deluged, which may or may not be hanging the httpd because it never returns.


Maybe try finding a Docker package that does everything you want?


E: I also see you've got a weird frankenstein mix of Reiser and XFS partitions, too. Yikes.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.


I will can the plugin and try start the array again.


The plugin was installed via the standard method in unraid 6 using the plugin manager, didn't realise there was a better way. I had a working setup with tranmission before upgrading to unraid 6. At this time, I looked for the transmission package to discover everyone was jumping ship to deluge.


The array is old, I have been using unraid since version 3, and the array has expanded over many versions of unraid, so that explains the older file systems.. Is there a mechanism for upgrading them to the new standardised XFS? Didn't see any mention of needing to get rid of these old reisfer disks during any of the upgrades

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There is a plugin called unbalance that helps you move data off one disk to another (assuming you have enough space free to accommodate the moved data) this then let's you clean off an old reiser format disks and convert them to XFS.


Here's the unbalance plugin support page


You might find this page info helpful



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