Can i migrate my server to another pc?


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Hello all,


I've got myself a secondhand enterprise dell server with dual quad core cpu's ;3

Can i move my 5x Hdds across to it? And is there anything I need to be aware of?


Many Thanks




Everything is saved to the usb flash drive so it should all carry over between systems. I would recommend if you have your array set to auto-start on boot (not sure why someone would do this), to disable it. Also, take a screenshot of your current drive setup so you can compare each drive to make sure it is in the right order before starting your array.


You may run into compatibility issues involving raid controllers found on enterprise servers (issues can be as simple of putting it into a JBOD mode to no direct access from within unraid to run features like smart checks or spin down, or potentially not compatible at all). Hopefully all goes well, and if it doesn't, just move everything back to the original system.



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