Docker Image Corruption


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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!


I'm having an issue that is infrequent but quite annoying. I have my docker image (10gb) on my cache drive which is an Intel 530 120gb. I don't actually use my cache drive as a cache it is actually my application drive really.


Now every now and then my docker image becomes corrupted. I know when it happens because either my dockers start acting up or they just won't start with no apparent errors in the logs.


If I stop docker and then run a BTRFS scrub on the image I will find errors that it says it is unable to repair. Then I have to go through the process to delete the image and re-install the dockers. OK this takes like 5 minutes but I'd like to get to the bottom of how this is occurring. Does the BTRFS scrub work if you only have one drive? Do you require two drives for fault tolerance?

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Scrubbing likely will not be needed in the future if you actually get to the bottom of the problem. I suspect you are filling up your docker.img and that is how it gets corrupted. How many dockers are you running? 10G may be large enough, or you might need to make it a little larger. I have run probably a dozen or so in 20G.


Have you read the Docker FAQ?

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