How to upgrade from Unraid 6.0 beta 3 -> 6.3.0-rc6??


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first a happy new year to all of you  :)


It's time for my unraid server to switsch from the  V 6.0 beta 3 to a new unraid version.

I have not done this before, because the system runs without any problem for a very long time and i spend a lot of time to build and configer ~6 VM's running with xen.

For the moment it looks like i can replace all this machines with Docker/Plugins...makes it easier for me  ;)


My system runs with 20 Data, one Parity and one Cache drive, so my question is how can i switch the arry configuration to a new 6.3.0-rc6 system??

I ONLY need the array up and running without loosing data!

I can configure the User/Shares/Networks etc again....not a big deal and i know that i must setup and configure all my application running on xen again as docker and plugin.


Can i copy the super.dat to a new created USB Stick with the lates Unraid version (i have to licenses) and power on the server with the new stick???


Thanks for your help



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