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[SOLVED] No access to the Web-UI / Corrupted Drive

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My unraid server started behaving a bit strange, got stuck when trying to browse drives/folders, so I decided to reboot the machine as it helps sometimes.

After the reboot it seem that everything is up, but didn't had any ability to go to the web-ui interface.

It made me look around and it seems that I have issues with one of my drives.


I am attaching the syslog and the SMART test , hope this is the correct logs you need to try and help me.


So I am still at the same situation, no access to the UI, can access with ssh to the server, able to see all the disks in /mnt/* except of one, and don't see any shares.




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I have a thought.  Shut the server down again (Hopefully a powerdown on the telenet session will do it gracefully) .  Pull the Flash Drive and copy the contents of the drive to a another computer.  Then, edit config/disk.cfg


Change this line (It is almost at the top of the file) from:






and see if it will boot properly then. 

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Yes , that helped.


But what do I do now? how can I check my HDDs properly ?

Or what are your other suggestions?

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I've ran the file system check, and got a report.

But I was unable to understand how can I fix it, what command should I use when running the process again not in read-only mode.


Attached the response from the file system check.




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Thanks, It all seem to be back to normal.


just last question, does it mean the drive is going to die? or is it something that could happen from time to time, file system corruption ?



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