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So I did a search on the forum and could not find anything one this. In my Google news feed this morning was a thread on reddit about a new self hosting program that is easier then Own/Next Cloud and prettier. Was curious if anybody has tried this new program out and what your thoughts are.


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I use filerun. Its beautiful and easier (in my opinion) to administer. I use the free version with 3 licenses. I currently having it running in a windows 10 x64 VM with WAMP installed (Windows Apache MySQL PHP5 server). File run was super easy to install.


I really like the ability to logon as the admin and change each users folder on the fly. With nextcloud the storage folder is statically set and each user gets a subfolder created within this. FileRun allows you to create or select a folder from a completely different drive or even UNC path (provided you have the right permissions set). You can even go in and easily change the folder of an existing user as/if needed. NextCloud might be capable of the same thing, but I've found no obvious way of doing this without using the command line.


for example:

I can create a new user and point his/her default folder at the "www" directory of my webserver (self hosted). Now when I logon as this user I can upload, download and make changes to my website without the need for an FTP server. I can even open the pages and edit the HTML all in the same interface using a text editor. 


Doing the above with NextCloud would set the "www" directory as a default for all of the users. I do not want this for all my users. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Has anyone tried the official docker-version of FileRun on unraid? I am quite new to unraid and also don't have much experience with docker which is why I am a little concerned of installing somethin that is not part of the Community Applications.


However, FileRun ist well nice and also doesn't really cost anything for private users - even with more than three users:



It would be marvellous if anyone accomodated a docker template for beginners like me...

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