Looking for some advice on rsync


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Currently I have some serious amount of photos on my Mac. I've taken the time to export images Month by Month Year by year and stored them on my server each file with its file name changed to its time/date it was taken.  When I say Year by year I mean literally.














Now in each of those folders there is a ton of pics, but I plan on breaking up each year into Months because sometimes there are 500 to 1000 pics each. Yeah its horrid scrolling on a PC when I access them sometimes. Lol


Anyways What I did was just backed them up on my server and then I have many other folders that have collections of pictures that need to be filed in some kind of manner and eventually imported into my Mac for sorting and processing. Imports of pics from various cameras, my DSLR, pics the misses steals off Facebook and lord knows what. Not to mention the Gigs and Gigs of Home Videos shot on every Camera and Camera Phone we have had over the years. My kids are screwed when they get older. Lol  Basically Organized Nightmare that needs more organizing.


On my Server I'd like to backup my pics to a DNS-323 which is a toaster style NAS just so I have two copies of my pics currently connected via Unassigned Disk plugin as a SMB share or use a Portable USB Drive via Unassigned Disk plugin, but that is undecided at the moment.  I was playing with rsync and made an intial copy of all my pics on the device and want to do the following, but just need some advice.






I want the [All] folder to basically be a dump of everything that is pulled from my server and if/when I change something on my unRAID server its to retain any/all files. Basically an "OH !@#$" catch.


I want the [up2Date] folder to be a mirror of what is on the unRAID server. When I delete files on unRAID reflect the changes on the DNS-323.


[All] = rsync -r --ignore-existing [source] [destination]

[up2date] = rsync -r  --update --delete [source] [destination]


I was trying to run with the -a flag, but it kept throwing up it can't chown the directory over and over and sometimes hung.

I'd also like each to run through see whats changed and then either upload the change or simply ignore it, but unless I ran the --ignore on the [All] one it would appear to re-upload files when in theory it should just skip over them, but maybe its because of the date/time difference in files because I'm not using the -a flag.


Any rysnc Gurus wanna point me in the right direction? Please and thank you. ;) I've used rsync a few times in the past, but honestly I'm no expert.


I do plan on playing around with this for a while before I totally trust it, but figured with data secure on my Mac and Server I can afford to experiment with this for a bit until I feel secure before trusting it. Worst case if its much easier to use a portable drive I'll just go that route, but figured having two devices pretty far from each other connected by Cat5e cable I would increase my chances of surviving a fire or any other potential issues.

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I think I might of answered my own question here.



Samba/CIFS does not match very well the requirements of the native Linux/GNU file systems like ex4, ext3, etc. So, the remote synchronization of files/folders to a samba NAS is not perfect. The problems arise with the preservation of modification times, permissions (for example executable files), owners and groups of the different files to synchronize.


I think I might be having some issues because I'm trying to copy files from one device to another. I'll give copying to a USB drive a try and see if there is a big difference in what I'm trying to accomplish unless I'm totally reading this wrong and being not an expert at rsync and permissions to permissions. ;)





Well not sure exactly now.  :o


My files on the server are ownership of cj

Files on NAS and my portable drive as they copy are root.


Slowly loosing some Brain Cells as I plunder around trying to figure this out. Lol

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Installed Alt-F on my DNS-323 which allows for a lot more options and allows me to install SSH and rsync and various other stuff any other flavor of Linux/Unix should have


Robocopy seems to work just perfectly for what I need for this. I'll tinker with SSH and rsnyc later when I have a bit more patience since a buddy of mine want to run dual DNS-323's across the Interweb for remote backup to each other. ;)

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