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(SOLVED)Cache drive fails to auto-mount

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I seem to have an ongoing issue with my cache drive not mounting when the system boots. The array comes online but not my cache drive. I must stop the array and add the cache manually. Once started all files /dockers/vm`s run as they all should.


I decided to backup my appdata/dockers and delete the btrfs partition held on the cache drive. The drive was formatted and added as a cache drive.


Reboot and the same issue.


It makes no difference if i install the drive on the Rocketraid 640L or i use the motherboard sata port.


Could someone take a look at the latest system log please? iam at a loss trying to fathom this out as i have not had this problem before.




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As strange as this sounds, try using a totally different browser to assign the drive. If you used chrome, try firefox or safari, etc.

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gubbgnutten suggested that in another thread i derailed regarding this issue.


I have tried a few different browsers. nothing seems to stick. I have tried chrome,firefox,edge,chrome mobile and safari from mac osx


thanks though 8)

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i seem to have isolated my issue.


I had to RMA this supermicro board. That took 2months! In that time i removed the cache drive because i wanted to buy a bigger one for when i received my board back.


I never formatted the older drive which was my original cache drive. When the original is installed it is recognised as cache. ideal!


Is there a proper procedure i should be following when removing a cache drive? So i can use another one.


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