[6.3.0] Unassigned Cache Drive

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I am new in the Unraid World.

After every Reboot the Cachedrive is unassigned. Stopping the Array, attaching it an restarting the array solves the problem only temporary.


What am i doing wrong?



Many thanks and best regards,




I already tested:

-Used another SATA Port for the SSD

-Checked the BIOS settings

-Formated the SSD in my Desktop

-Checked the Flash drive

-Reinstalled the Flash drive

-Switched the Browser




My System:

-I3 4330

-Asrock B85 MITX Pro4

-2*4 Gb DDR3 Crucial 1600

-2*WD Green 2TB

-1*WD Red 6 TB

-Samsung EVO 750 120GB

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Are any of you using the Unassigned Devices Plugin?

I had this issue with v6.3.0, it was fixed for me on v6.3.1, but after installing the UD plugin it returned, so if you're using UD remove it and try again, if it works please post hear so I can bring this issue to dlandon's attention, before doing that I want to be sure it's not only me.

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7 hours ago, NNate said:

Yeah, using the UD plugin.


You should still try without it but after some more testing it looks like although it's much more likely to work without UD it still failed once or twice without it, so it's not just that.


Another thing that can help is using a different browser, you need to use it for the whole procedure, assign cache, start array, stop array and reboot, for me and with v6.3.2 and the UD plugin, IE is the one working more reliably, chrome and firefox are hit and miss, mostly miss.

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1 hour ago, chuckufarley said:

 After Uninstalling the UD plugin the problem persists.  After a reboot the Cache drive becomes Unassigned again.


I don't see this issue.  Please do this: boot server in 'safe' mode.  Then got to Main and assign a cache device.  Then go to Tools/Diagnostics and capture the current diagnostics.zip.  Then reboot and see if cache gets unassigned again and post results here.  Important to capture diags after assignment but before reboot.

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I did as you said and booted up in Safe Mode and then assigned the Cache Drive and THEN captured the current Diagnostics like you told me to do(which is attached if you still want to look at them).  However no matter how many times I have rebooted, the cache drive does NOT get unassigned and stays assigned as the Cache drive through 15 or so reboots of my system so far.  Was a plugin possibly not allowing it to stay assigned as the Cache drive?  All it took was assigning the cache drive in Safe Mode and it seemed to fix the problem.




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I'm running 6.3.3 and had this problem too. Tried to use Chrome, FF, and IE to make the drive assignments and it was never persistent. The solution for me was to boot up in safe mode, stop the array, assign cache drive, start array, stop aray, rebbot into normal mode. Since then it's been good. I think a plugin somewhere was causing issues.

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