2 separate VMs on one graphics card


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Hi all!


I'm trying to find a solution where one pc would run two separate VMs one one graphics card. No luck. Is that even possible?



Intel Xeon E5 2658-V4







If it's possible, what should I take care when building a solution?


P.S. sorry for my English, I know it's not the best :)


Thanks for all the help!

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Have you figured a way to make this work? I don't know how to split each output for different VM's. I use it only for one VM.

Pass through the hardware to the primary VM, and run the second headless VM full screen in an RDP session on the second monitor.


While that would work for display, it won't for input (i.e. keyboard / mouse)...right (or am I missing something)?

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Rdp takes over the machine so no simultaneous local and remote control but vnc allows that. I believe splashtop does too, but don't quote me on that.


Another way to do that is (more convoluted), passing through the gpu to a VM, and running a VM within that VM through virtualbox or vmware, which could be put on the second screen. Two sets of mice and keyboards would be passed through to the first VM, which can dedicate one set to the second (not 100% sure the last part is possible with virtualbox)

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