Disable user shares for cache drive


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Whenever I manually create a folder on my cache drive, an SMB share is automatically created and made public. Is there a way to prevent this?


Sometimes I will move or download things to my cache drive so that I share them with the rest of my home network. I don't want them to be moved to my data drives. This can create lots of noise when I browse \\tower.

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In the interest of completeness, there is indeed a way to exclude one or more disks from participating in any user shares. It/they can be globally excluded. At that point you would access that disk by its disk share name, (regardless of its root level folder names) OR ...


There is a way to assign your own Samba shares to paths arbitrarily deep on disk OR user shares. I used to use this alot to manage my various content types, and ignore user shares, but am gradually embracing the simplicity of user shares, which despite grating against some desires to micro manage content, are actually a God-send. I still create some Samba shares, for example "mp3" is a Samba share to /mnt/user/Music/mp3, and used to be handy for feeding to iTunes. (I also have my music is lossless format in other Music sub directories). But you could create a Samba share called Music and then share that as /mnt/disk7, and then the root of disk7 would be your music folder, and every subdirectory would become a user share (unless you globally exclude disk7).

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