Passing through the primary GPU results in blackscreen

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So I installed the newest version of Unraid on my X99 build which is water cooled. What I want to do is have a windows VM running with the gtx 970 passed through. As x99 doesn't have on-board graphics I picked up a gt 210 as a secondary GPU. Because my system I hard-line water cooled I can't change the slot of the 970. There for it is the primary GPU. 

With the gt 210 passed through I get an image displayed and can use the Win 10 VM. But when I pass through the 970 I only get a black screen. I guess that has something to do with it being the primary gpu, I don't know though how I could get it to work without swapping the cards which as already said is not possible.

The other hardware is a MSI X99A sli plus mobo and 5820k cpu.

For now I have my windows machine running on the gt210 which is ok for web browsing but I'd like to play a game again or render a video some time which requires the 970 passed through.

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Unless you can set your gt210 to be your primary adapter in the bios, your only hope is that someone have dumped the bios of a 970 you can use. I think gridrunner have a collection of bioses somewhere.

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