unRAID shouldn't always create system shares

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I didn't think that it did (but, once either docker or vms are enabled, those shares are created)  If you run docker or vm's and prefer your own shares, nothing states anywhere that you have to use the default system ones.


If it really annoys you over the network, just set them to be not exported.


If you look at where unRaid was, where it is today, and where it is presumably going, some sort of system folder created automatically on the array is going to be required soon no matter what.  Really not too much different than all of the folders Windows makes on your C drive.

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This always annoyed the crap out of me too so when I do a clean install I make sure I go in and turn off VMs and Docker prior to adding a single disk so it doesn't create those shares.


So maybe a solution is to have VM's and Docker set to off by default and let the end user enable them if they so choose rather than assuming everyone wants those shares by having them on by default.

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VMs and Docker are key features of the software and most users will want to at least try them out if the hardware supports it.  Setting up those shares makes this process easier for those folks.  Leaving the services on by default increases that simplicity.  If we don't, this puts more onus on the user to have to manually generate them and create settings for them within VM Manager and Docker Manager.  If you don't want those shares because you are not using those features, just delete them and they won't regenerate unless you once again enable those services.


Also, the domains and system shares are set to NOT export over the network (SMB, AFP, or NFS) by default, so they shouldn't add any clutter to that usage

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"If we don't, this puts more onus on the user to have to manually generate them and create settings for them within VM Manager and Docker Manager. "


I thought that wasting 30GB of cache space could be avoided for those not using Docker or VMs.  


Surely it's not difficult for unRAID to generate the Docker image and the VM associated files/share once Docker or VMs are turned on in Settings?


For example, if someone were wanting to use a small SSD for cache on their unRAID box, almost half a 64GB SSD is wasted with stuff they won't need.  Not all users will be able or willing to remove those images.

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Related to HellDiverUK's suggestion, I actually want the system share but don't have it.

I'm not finding guidance on setting up non-user (system) shares for system, domains, and appdata. 

I have Unraid 6.9.2, and it has been upgraded over the years from the early days (pre 5.0, pre VM and fancy docker support) as time marched on. 


For me, appdata is a user share, and in there I see the docker.img file.  I'd really like to reorganize these "system" things more along the lines of SpaceInvaderOne's videos in how he describes the "Part 4 multiple cache pools" video.


I've today moved it to modern hardware.  The previous hardware was an Intel core 2 duo 4GB machine.  So it ran Docker, but not VMs (and don't think it had virtualization support at the CPU level anyway). Now I'm planning on enabling VM so I can pass thru my Windows 11 setup which is on a 1GB nvme SSD (or truly virtualize it so I can use the ssd as a cache drive and leverage that 80% of free space on it for other things coupled with the VM/appData backup plugins).  May also buy another drive for 2nd cache but only have one M2 nvme connector so it would be SATA.


Anyway, any guidance on setting up the missing system shares would be appreciated!


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2 minutes ago, zaker said:

Any thoughts as to why the non-user shares are missing and how to resolve is appreciated.

You're not using them.


VM service references it, but it's currently disabled.  Docker image (which the defaults go to the system share, you've got instead going to disk2 / appdata

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@trurl yes that is something I plan to address, though that may not have been clear in the message a few hours ago.
@Squid yes, that is the symptom I'm describing. I need you to tell me the cure :).  VM service is not enabled yet for above explanations. Nobody has bothered to explain that anywhere AFAICT.  Perhaps if I just enable it, things automagically happen? How would it know to put it on a cache? etc.

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