unRAID OS version 6.3.3 Stable Release Available

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Upgrade Instructions


Clicking 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page is the preferred way to upgrade.  If the new version does not appear, you can manually update by selecting the Install Plugin tab, paste this URL and click Install:


Alternately the release may be Downloaded.  In this case it is usually only necessary to copy all the bz* files from the compressed folder to the root of your USB flash boot device.

Please also read the unRAID OS version 6 Upgrade Notes for answers to common issues that may arise following upgrade.




This is a bug fix and security update release.

Base distro:
  • reiserfsprogs: version 3.6.24 (downgrade to address reiserfsck regression)
  • samba: version 4.5.7 (CVE-2017-2619)

Linux kernel:

  • version 4.9.19
  • added CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PCIESSD_MTIP32XX: Block Device Driver for Micron PCIe SSDs (user request)


  • emhttp: get rid of SO_LINGER on connection socket
  • emhttp: override array autostart if safe boot mode
  • emhttp: silence "Transport endpoint is not connected" messages
  • emhttp: btrfs cache pool set to raid1 only on new pool creation
  • syslinux: include "unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins)" boot option
  • update hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt}
  • update_cron: generate system cron table only from installed plugins
  • webGui: Ignore mover log entries in color coding
  • webGui: Fixed wrong reference to Display Settings in Main page
  • webGui: Fixed: missing creating of eth10 settings page
  • webGui: Add in links to dashboard
  • webGui: SweetAlert bugfixes
  • webGui: Add tooltipster to dynamix and add a tooltip in DiskIO toggle at /Main
  • webGui: Fixed DNS server assignment when changing VLANs
  • webGui: Fixed DNS server assignment follows IP address assignment
  • webGui: Fixed incorrect display of BTRFS check for non-btrfs disks. Removed unused buttons.
  • webGui: Fixed missing csrf token and code optimizations in SMART report generation
  • webGui: Cleanup unused parameters when saving configuration files
  • webGui: Disk read/write IO in background daemon
  • webGui: Remove the old temp .plg file on remove
  • webGui: Remove href bookmarks on anchor elements
  • webGui: Provide control to initiate btrfs balance on btrfs-formatted array devices and single cache device.
  • webGui: Remove preset btrfs balance options; btrfs-raid1 is default only for initial creation of multi-device pool.
  • webGui: DeviceInfo shows all check/balance/scrub operations but greyed out depending on arry started state
  • webGui: Add lscpu output to diagnositics
  • webGui: toggling acs override will now apply to all boot options in syslinux.cfg
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currently on 6.2.4, its only showing 6.3.2 as the latest update (even after telling it to update plugins)

using the manual plugin update method as noted in the first post.. installing 6.3.3 now... noticed after it booted (havent started array) I see a group of log entries every 30 secs of the inventory list (list of the hd found + key info + slot info)...  this results in about 60? lines each time... this could easily add up to a lot of noise if a user left their server idling.. wonder if its because the webui is open causing it? started the array and it stopped.


so far nothing blew up going from 6.2.4->6.3.3.

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Anyone else having their nvidia driver crash their Win10 VM since hoping onto the 6.3 versions?


As I mentioned in the 6.3.2 announcement thread, I did a full update of all the virtio drivers, machine type, agent, nvidia drivers, and everything perked up quite a bit. But since doing that, I started having an issue where when gaming the VM would crash to a black screen. Then have to force the VM closed via the nRAID gui. I thought maybe the newer nvidia driver might be causing it, and reverted back from 378.92 to 376.19. Instead of a full blown crash though, now it will flash a black screen, audio will stop, and win10 will give an error saying that the nvidia driver crashed. Since it wasn't happening in 6.2.4, I just wanted to see if anyone having this issue. I've got some even older nvidia drivers that I'll try out and see if that helps resolve the issue. Posting diags, just in case anyone sees something I'm not ^^;


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WARNING: it's all gone horribly wrong!


2017-04-01, 08:12:15 8 hr, 12 min, 24 sec 101,6 MB/s OK 0
2017-03-01, 08:12:25 8 hr, 12 min, 14 sec 101,6 MB/s OK 0


I appear to have lost 10 seconds even though they averaged the same speed between 6.3.2 & 6.3.3...


Back to the drawing board please Limetech! 

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