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Import issues causing dockers to become unresponsive

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Hello fellow users of unRAID,
I am experiencing an issue with unRAID and a few containers when importing TV shows or movies into sonarr and radarr respectively. I will start importing a few things into sonarr or radarr and while that works, I will go watch something on Plex, well Plex becomes very slow and will not play, it returns an error that says unable to play media. This continues until the import is complete and sometimes carries on for a few minutes after the import is done. The shares are using the cache and I am using 6.3.2 and am using the linuxserver sonarr and radarr. I am also using the official Plex container. Diagnostics are attached, Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What I always recommend to Plex users if playback quality is important to them, is to limit the resources available to the other containers.  IE: It sounds like sonarr / radarr is chewing up your cpu cycles and/or network bandwidth with their analysis of the media files.  Limit their resources to one cpu core and say 4G of memory.


Also, I really hope that you live in China and were bouncing back and forth between 3 different locations simultaneously because numerous (actually that's an understatement) attempts at hacking your server.  Take the server out of your router's DMZ...  There's no reason for it to be in it. (Unless you have a death wish)...


Additionally, numerous (once again an understatement) lines logged like this:

Mar 15 05:10:13 unmini kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: WARN Event TRB for slot 2 ep 8 with no TDs queued?


Best I can tell you there is that its something USB related.  Start pulling USB devices until those messages stop.  Then go from there


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