[SOLVED] error: webGui/include/Notify.php: missing csrf_token

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I assume that you have seen this section in the FAQ:


"missing csrf_token - This error happens if you have plugins that have either not been updated to conform to the security system or the version of the plugin you are running is not up to date.  Should you see this error, then check for and install updates for your plugins via the Plugins tab.  To my knowledge, all available plugins within Community Applications have been either updated to handle csrf_tokens or they were not affected in the first place.  If updating your plugins does not solve your issue, then post in the relevant support thread for the plugin.  There will be hints on the log line as to which plugin generated the error."


If you can't find anything in the log, you could post up the diagnostics file and possibly someone else can find it.  You also might check to see if any of your plugins have not been updated in the past couple of months.  That is about when LT made the changes to increase security and require the use of csrf tokens. 




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Its either a browser tab or controlR on your phone.  But, no its not particularly a big deal.  No averse results happen.  It simply means that whatever plugin / phone app that is triggering the error isn't functioning correctly until the browser tab or phone gets closed / reset....

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