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Unable to shutdown - 'Unmounting Remote Filesystems'


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Hi there, I've got my new unRaid system setup - first disks added to the array, and first shares created.


However, I'm having a problem with shutting down / restarting - it doesn't seem to want to do so.


I'm using the Dynamix Buttons Plugin, but the shutdown doesn't finish.

On the monitor I still have plugged in, the last line is


Unmounting Remote Filesystems:


but it never progresses from this, and I have to hard-shutdown to continue.


I have the full log file available if required.


I don't have anything fancy setup at the moment - no remote drives etc. - just the 4 disks + boot usb drive.


In case it's relevant - every time I try to use the Dynamix Sleep or Temp Sensor plugins, I get a load of error messages about being unable to locate the sensors.conf file


The attached image shows the shutdown process, and also the error messages referred to above (sorry about the odd angle - was trying to avoid heavy glare!)


thanks for any help you can give :)


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Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun a little, but think it is sorted.


I performed a Bios update to the Tyan S7012 motherboard (as the board keeps giving me a FF error code), and this seems to have fixed the shutdown / restart issue

(though not my FF issue - which apparently means it's failing POST, even though it seems to be running just fine!)

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