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Help: internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor


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Hey guys,


I really hope somebody can help me over here :/ 

I set up unraid 6.3.3 on my system. It works alright so far, but as soon as I am trying to pass through my gpu it always gives me an error:


2017-04-25 17:15:47.900+0000: 2297: error : qemuMonitorIORead:586 : Unable to read from monitor: Connection reset by peer
2017-04-25 17:15:47.900+0000: 2297: error : qemuProcessReportLogError:1807 : internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor
2017-04-25 17:15:48.100+0000: 2302: error : qemuProcessReportLogError:1807 : internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor

My system:
Be quiet 600 watt 
Supermicro x9scl-f
8GB DDR3 ECC RAM - Samsung
Xeon X3 1230 V2
2X Evga Geforce gt 710 2GB
libvirt: 2.4.0
qemu: 2.7.1
The error occured after I set up a new Windows 7 VM with the standard template. (The standard Vnc works great) but as soon as i pass through the gpu + sound it keeps giving me that error.
can somebody help me on that? Its really frustrating as nothing seems to solve that issue from what I have read till now.
have a nice afternoon.


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