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Unmount single drive from Webgui?


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Then its not mounted.  But you're getting into a very weird edge case, because the GUI is expecting that it handles everything.  And if you want to unmount a single drive so that you can run the file system checks on it, while leaving the rest of the array up and running, then you're very much on your own.  Good luck with that...

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What I was looking for is a way to test a single drive (i.e. XFS_REPAIR) on a single drive without taking the array down.  So the net, then, is you can't unmount a single drive with Unraid.  You have to stop the array first, then all the drives are unmounted (which is what I did and XFS_REPAIR ran fine found a couple things and corrected).  


I had errantly assumed that unraid would keep the system going just as if a drive had failed (i.e. build the data from parity).  Glad my foolish 'edge' case didn't cause any problems!

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