[6.3.3.] VLAN issues running unraid with ESXI VMs

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I have stumbled upon something I don't fully understand in unraid, or it might be a bug. For you do understand my problem I need to describe my environment. I have a HP VLAN cable switch and I have 2 servers at home. One server runs unRAID and the other runs ESXI. Both are connected to the switch with more than 1 network cable. In ESXI you don't need to confirue the switch to do any trunking the OS will handle that it self, you simple just tagg your VLANs on the port connected to ESXI and all wroks fine. On unRAID I needed to do a special configuration with VLAN trunking in the switch to not get Mac address errors in the syslog. I am running a bonded-rr setup. This might be a clue to my issues but I don't know. 


So to the problem, I wanted unRAID to be accessable on several VLANs because I wanted to sperate my Docker containers on one VLAN and keep storage on the other. Now the shares because available on all VLANs but that I might be able to fix with some CLI commands. My problem is that I setup unRAID on these VLANs






I gave unRAID IP-addresses on all VLANs that was not in conflict with anything. So I have VMs running in ESXI one on VLAN20 and the other on VLAN2. All VLANs have full communication with each other through a pfSense machine running as a VM as well on ESXI. My problem is that IF I have a ip-address set on VLAN2 I get a transfer error when copying files to any server on the VLAN2. Also if a server is not on VLAN2 and tries to access the share via \\VLAN2-ip\share. I get the same error. The strange thing is that VLAN20 works perfectly and it is setup the same way? So what gives? The machine that is on VLAN2 can ping the unRAID server continuously without any errors and unRAID can ping that machine back. I have tripple veried my switch settings and nothing is wrong there. I will attach some screenshots with the error I get and my ping test. Is unraid not supposed to be able to access shares via setup VLANs?



Network error.png

ping unraid.png

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When you create VLANs it is supposed to be associated with VMs within unRAID itself.


I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Can you explain/show more what network settings you have done.


Ps. Mods, can this be moved to general support?

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I think you're getting this wonky because of multihoming and local nets.

  • talking to the server on the same VLAN should be fine (but windows might some weird ideas with regards to browse master - this might be causing your issues with VLAN2 and not VLAN20)
  • talking to the server on a different VLAN will only work if the client VLAN is not available to unRAID - because normally unRAID will just try to use the local VLAN to respond to the client  (ie VLAN2_client -> VLAN20_unRAID -> VLAN2_unRAID -> VLAN2_client) which makes client drop the responses as they are unsolicited and came from a totally different IP.

Try working with unRAID with only a single IP (leave the other VLANs unassigned)

A tweak can be put into the samba smb.conf file to cause samba to respond to only a single interface (or a set of interfaces), but its been a very long while since i setup a multihomed file server.


Google says: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Configure_Samba_to_Bind_to_Specific_Interfaces


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