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1 hour ago, jonathanm said:

Dunno if it will work, but you could try changing the virtualized network card presented to the guest.



Ya did it again Jonathan! I did the following, and now it's bridging to the network just fine.

1. Shutdown VM

2. Changed NIC in VM settings to the Virt nic
3. Started ReactOS, went into Device Manager, and updated the driver letting it search for it. Red Hat driver found, and on the network.

4. Dropped VM

5. Changed NIC in VM settings back to br0

6. Started up VM and now it's pulling an address from the DHCP server on the lan


I want to use this to run an FTP server from time to time. No license necessary ;-) 

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With a Windows VM it is sometimes necessary to use a single core for the VM install.  Also with a Win7 install you need to switch the VNC video driver to cirrus from QXL.  You might try those two things and see if it works to install ReactOS.

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Have you had success with ReactOS?  It is still a work in progress as far as their website reports. 


Is it stable enough for you to use yet?  Or are you just playing...


Why did you choose this rather than a linux distro for a ftp server?

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There are two ISOs available for download from I couldn't get the installer to work from the Live CD, but the other installer on the boot CD worked.


In the VM settings, make sure you have the latest windows virtio .iso mounted, and when ReactOS boots, it will prompt you for device drivers for ethernet, PCI, etc.  I didn't have to do anything odd to get the NIC to work, except load the driver.


I've been wanting to try out this little OS for a while.  Minimum requirements are 500MB drive space, and only 96MB of RAM.



Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 5.52.54 AM.png

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