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[SOLVED] Pending more diag's...Unraid crashing


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So it's a really generic title but I'm not actually sure where to start.


I keep having this intermittent crash, I'm running 6.3.3 and what I can narrow down:

  • If parity-check is running I cannot stream anything off the server anymore, whereas I once could.
  • The crash seemingly is random but I cannot see anything in the logs as when it crashes it logs nothing
  • My SMART reports appear to be ok
  • My copy speeds appear to be slightly slower, 10gig just took 30 mins to copy
  • It's been happening on and off now for maybe 6 months but the first 3 I didn't twig as it was so rare. There have been times when it's been 3 times in a row as I start up, specially if party-check is running.
  • The gear inside my box is 7ish years old, the drives have been replaced and upgraded as they failed.


Any ideas of where to start?


I've run the app CA Fix Common Problems and it's brought up nothing major. Just that my FTP is enabled and not all disks are shared equally etc.


I'm offically stumped.


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Did you turn on the ''Troubleshooting mode' in the Fix Common Problems plugin?  If you have turned it on, look in the logs folder/directory as it writes its own log files there.  Upload those files as well as the diagnostics file in a new post.  


Question, when it you take the diagnostics file that you posted up?  It has to be close to the time when the failure occurred for it to be of much help.  If you have a monitor attached, have a look at it to see there is anything after the case. 

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I have not tried the troubleshooting, but I have just turned it on, and I've hooked my second monitor into the unraid box now as well.


That diagnostic was just after the last crash, but you're right there is sweet FA in there.


I'll close this post off and come back with more up to date diagnostics. Thank you.


Anything else I should do in the meantime?

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