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34 minutes ago, rbroberts said:


And...a veto would be much nicer that the move stuff anyway. I really do like that one watch directory for them all. The 480p and 720p configs convert much faster than the 1080p (naturally), so stacking them behind the 1080p partially defeats the parallel setup.

So, there's a workaround.


Each instance has it's own /watch and /output, but they don't do any moving of files; instead if it's not for them, they just delete the input. Yes, they do.


The trick is in the setup. I'm going to script this, but roughly, under the assumption that my directory structure is no more than one level, i.e., /watch/MyMovie/MyMovie.mkv, and other files in the MyMovie directory, I do the following.


First, my watch directory on the server is not where the containers looks. I have /mnt/user/Videos/rip/watch/{1080,0720,0480}, three directories. But I drop the MyMovie directory in .../watch. Then I run a script that does this:


for X in [A-Z]*; do for D in 0480 0720 1080; do mkdir -p $D/"$X"; ln -t $D/"$X" "$X"/*; done; done

for X in [A-Z]*; do 
    for D in 0480 0720 1080; do 
        mkdir -p $D/"$X"
        ln -t $D/"$X" "$X"/*

Since I have hard links, they've visible in the container mount points. And since they're hard links, the setup if fast, no data is copied, and deleting doesn't really remove the original.


And I can easily tell when things are really done.

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