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Can i run diagnostics from the command line?


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It took about thirty seconds to one minute on my Test Bed server.  This is the output on the screen.

Starting diagnostics collection... done.
ZIP file '/boot/logs/rose-diagnostics-20170522-1013.zip' created.

What are you seeing?


EDIT:  How much memory do you have?  I think everything is done in RAM up to the final zipping of the file.

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All assigned as available to the server or have you allocated some to VM's or Dockers?   (It could be that your Flash Drive is not writable.)


Why are you using the command line?   I can only assume that you have other issues and the GUI is not available.  Can you access the shares? 

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I was able to access the shares, was unable to access the gui or any running containers. Just hooked a monitor up to the box and saw a Disabling IRQ #18 message on the screen. Not sure what that means and without logs im not sure if im going to be able to figure out what the hell happened. 

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Well that didnt help. Machine was up for 3-4 minutes then the Disabling IRQ #18 happened again and everything went unresponsive. Should i make a new post about this since its not really the same issue as the thread title suggests?

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