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Greetings fellow Unraiders(?),


I recently bought a server from Bargainhardware in the UK to replace the old one i had. On the back is 1 Ethernet managment port so no ethernet from that. And a SFP+ port. The problem is that SFP+ to ethernet converters are quite expensive. Therefore I decided to go another route, which is ethernet over usb. For this I selected the TP-link UE300 adapter which has linux OS support. (yay linux support)


So, got home, plugged in the adapter but nothing happened. The ethernet port showed connection, the usb adapter showed connection but Unraid refused to connect.


Tried a couple of usb ports, different ethernet ports. Still nothing. Decided to install ubuntu on a seperate disk to ensure it was indeed working. Of course the adapter then decided to work like a charm. ubuntu showed it working under the CDC_ethernet driver. Not sure if this driver is available on Unraid.


Coming back to my question. Is there any way to get this working on Unraid?


Unraid version: 6.3.4


cpu: 2* intel xeon e5-2650

ram: 32 GB

ethernet chip: 82599 (maybe important?)

drives: 2*3TB 3*1TB 1*500GB cache

motherboard: not quite sure

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Your TP-Link USB3 Ethernet to USB device uses the Realtek RTL8153 chip.  Support for that chip most likely not included with unRAID, but you can probably request it for future release by contacting LT.


What is being reported for your motherboard is a Foxconn BANFF12/Pangu-A with BIOS B91PR02D 10/12/2012.  I did find some performance related info with a slightly slower CPU (1.8GHz vs the 2.0GHz you have).

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Shame that there isn't any support for it in Unraid. Waiting for Limetech to include it in Unraid is probably going to take too long. Going to see if iI still can anyway. Might be usefull for other people looking to use the same chip. Going to try and see if I can get a SFP+ to ethernet adapapter on the cheap through ebay.


The 1.8 Ghz is probably because it's reporting the base clock. Thx for the info going to see if mine is just as fast :)


Thx for the help

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9 minutes ago, Kevinf63 said:

Support for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 based USB 2.0/3.0 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapters added in 6.0-beta13:

Why have you replied to that nearly 2 year old post? That user hasn't even visited the forum in nearly that long.


The main reason I ask is because I had to approve your account. Making random replies to very old posts is an odd way to begin your life on the forum. We get a lot of spammers but so far you seem legit.




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On 3/7/2019 at 1:36 PM, trurl said:

Why have you replied to that nearly 2 year old post? That user hasn't even visited the forum in nearly that long.




Mainly for the sake of completion; I googled this specific chipset and UnRAID, this was one of the first articles on Google, a post in this thread claims "Support for that chip most likely not included with unRAID" whereas this is no longer the case thanks to updates in the changelog quoted above, preventing conflicting reports.


I will be building a media server soon utilizing two network adapters, one of which is a RTL8153 based USB adapter. Apologies.

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