unRAID OS version 6.3.5 Stable Release Available

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On 17/06/2017 at 0:18 AM, Frank1940 said:



I cleared the browser cache and that didn't fix the problem. 


Additional information:  The browser is Firefox version 54.0 (64 bit).   That is the latest Firefox version of this release variant.  (A second observation is that I am having the same problem with version 6.4.0-rc3.) 


On 17/06/2017 at 0:23 AM, bonienl said:

Firefox version 53 works fine, but version 54 exhibits your problem.


Just checked this also and can confirm the checkbox does disappear when Firefox is upgraded to V54.0

Screenshots attached



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Got same lockup issue....

once a little bit load on the server it locks up...

can't run parity check ....as then it locks up... same with plex scan ....


not sure when it started i know 15th it ran a complete parity check without finding errors....


last boot now i disabled automount of my smb share of the other server


if people check the logs .... only way to get to the GUI after a "unclean shutdown" is to remove a disk so it won't start {so any errors about disk 10 not being there is because i removed it before boot}


attached diagnosis report... will run memtest now for a few hours...



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4 hours ago, sacretagent said:

only way to get to the GUI after a "unclean shutdown" is to remove a disk so it won't start


You can disable array auto start (Settings -> Disk Settings -> Enable auto start)


Try booting unRAID in safe mode to see if the issue remains.

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Turned out to be a disk causing this ?

i removed the disk 10 which i added last and hey parity rebuild succeeded overnight ....

not sure what could be the problem... disk is OK according smart....


will try to change cable between disk and sil controller ....


any other bright ideas to further troubleshoot this?

power should be ok this enclosure ran 13 disks for years...


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Well I updated to 6.3.5 this morning and at first all seemed fine, I then installed the IPMI plugin and shortly there after 5 of the 8 cores in my servers CPU (AMD 8320e) are pegged.

Behavior I am noticing:

- Pegged cores 100% (5)

- It takes several minutes to move from tab to tab in the GUI

- It take 2-3 minutes to get to the login for the GUI

- SMB shares respond very slowly if at all

- Streaming media is touch and go


I have uninstalled IPMI, stopped the array and issued a shutdown command, and that is not even happening.

I am going to have to hit the power button.

I have attached a diagnostic file, I looked thru it but nothing jumped out at me, can someone else take a look and see what they can find.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


It is not a issue with security apps as someone mentioned previously in the post as I have tried from 3 different machines, 1 with no security apps installed, same issues still apply.


Thanks for the help...



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I've also noticed issues with pegged cores when launching VMs (VMs would hang), not much logging available... Which is what is driving me nuts at the moment.

EDIT: This has been resolved. Proper CPU Pinning fixes the issue.

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