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Parity Check Frequently Finds 160 Errors


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Recently I've noticed my parity checks have been finding 160 errors each time it runs. It's set to write corrections yet it still finds 160 errors each time. I've checked the SMART status via extended testing on all of my drives. I reseated everything such as drives and cables. I haven't done a lot of advanced troubleshooting with unRAID so any help would be appreciated. I've attached the diagnostics zip to this as well for review.


Lines 3461 through 3562 of the syslog show where the sectors were corrected.




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1 minute ago, johnnie.black said:

Nothing jumps out, you're using ECC and all array disks are on the Intel onboard controller which is usually rock solid unless it's going bad, can you get your hands on an 8 port HBA so you could try with all disks there? LSI would be best.

I'll have to see if I can scavenge one out of an old chassis when I get home from work. I think the only one I have gave me a lot of trouble originally with unRAID which made me go to an entirely different chassis. I'll keep you updated if I find one.

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Got the same problem, but mine finds 5 errors constantly.

Tried dropping to single parity, everything checked allright.

Precleared the spare drive again successfully, added as a second parity and rebuilt it.

Next parity check - same results - 5 errors again even with write correction.

Is the dual parity feature ready for production?

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