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Drive Identification Change Affect Array?


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Was using 3xSAT2-MV8's and an Areca ARC-1280 24 port for my array. (NOTE: the Areca did need the drive identification fix that I found on this site to make the drive identifications look normal.)

I upgraded to the latest unraid version (6.3.5) and on reboot came across a drive/cable/SAT2-MV8's that was somehow crashing the boot. I can only guess it was a drive/cable/SAT2-MV8's, because when I moved all of my drives to the Areca and removed the SAT2-MV8's, the server booted beautifully.

However, the array did not start automatically (which i totally understand, and am thankful for). All drives were detected fine and gui shows the correct drive (by serial) for each device slot (verified from screenshot of old setup), but the "Identification" of the drives (that were on the SAT2-MV8's) are not the exact same (looks like the SAT2-MV8's add "Manufacturer_" to the beginning of the identification).


The question is, knowing the drive's serials in the id's DO match up with the correct device slot according to the previously working setup, can I start it up with the different Identifications without something going horribly wrong?


Thanks for your help,

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