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Hi Guys,

Yesterday I ran in to a problem, and the Help text/option didn’t help me see my error.

Therefor may i ask of you to add a bit of text to better clarify and help to avoid making the same error for others?



Go to “Settings” / “VM Manager”

For the line saying: “Libvirt storage location:”

The help text shows: "This is the libvirt volume."

It doesn’t tell/list how it must look like. 


so if you just select the folder location, and you forget to add “libvirt.img” to the string.

You will get a black/Broken/Stopped VM services, as the libvirt.img file is not gernareted and VM’s cannot start :(

There are no error warring or Auto correction for the missing “libvirt.img”.


So please add a bit of help text  like "exsample /mnt/cache/system/libvirt/libvirt.img"


"This is the libvirt.img file location, make sure it shows the libvirt.img in at the end of the path."

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