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Access audio out from inside a Docker container?


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Hi, how would I go about accessing the audio out jack on my server from inside a Docker container?


I run the Home Assistant Docker container and I'd like to play sound during certain events but I'm not sure how to get access to the audio out inside the container.



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Thanks again. I'm wondering what my options are? I'd like to keep Home Assistant in a Docker container and not in a VM.


I currently have it playing audio via a Chrome Cast Audio, but that has about a 3 second delay. I'd like to have a speaker wired up directly.

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Thanks. I'm going to do some experimenting. I'm fine with Linux but it's nice not having that VM running and it's nice having the Unraid UI show me when there are updates to the image. I guess I could run a small vm that I use to play the audio through and have home assistant play through that. Thanks again for all of the quick replies. You all are very helpful. 

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