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Disks unmountable after changing cpu and mobo


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Last night I had an electrical storm and my unraid server got at least partially fried. I was up at the time and there was a really loud crack of lightning and I heard a loud pop over from near my server. After testing I found that my Modem and server got fried. They also both smelled like burnt electronics. I was able to transplant the hard drives and boot flash drive into a new PC and they seemed to work and I could access my files. However when I tried transfer a large file from one of the drives it lost connection and when I restarted my array through the webgui it showed as unmountable. After troubleshooting including rebooting and starting the array a couple times now all my drives show as unmountable. Is there any way that I can get these drives to mount and recover my data?

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For the cache try btrfs restore:


For the data disks, try running xfs_repair in read-only mode on them, start the array in maintenance mode and in the console/ssh type:


xfs_repair -vn /dev/mdX


X = disk number


Depending on the output remove the n to attempt a repair:


xfs_repair -v /dev/mdX




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