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Browser not loading, even locally via GUI


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Hi all


Bit of an odd one.


Fresh install of unRAID, latest version, USB key named UNRAID.

Booted, loads, ifconfig shows the IP, connect from another PC and the browser doesn't display anything form that IP. I can ping it, telnet to it, but not get to it via the hostname or the IP in any browser.


Reboot unRAID into GUI mode and Firefox launches after logging in - Unable to connect.


Not sure what has happened here? I have also reinstalled to the USB key and tried an older version and still nothing.


I noticed that my OS uses the connection "br0" rather than "eth0" but I don't think that should make any difference. 

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11 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

Most likely cause is incorrect formatting. The USB MUST BE FAT32. Nothing else will work. If you have a large flash drive you may have to download 3rd party tools to reformat it as FAT32.

I will try this, it's a 16GB memory stick and I have indeed formatted it as FAT32 but I will try a 3rd party tool and if that doesn't work I'll run off the diagnostics.


Though i'd think the stick was working right if it can get to the desktop of the GUI etc. 

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