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MinimServer is a UPnP music server; I'm trying to install a MinimServer docker ( I haven't done a "manual" docker install before, but after a bit of reading I managed to download it via the CA tab and fiddled around mapping paths and ports, and in particular setting Network Type to "Bridge". Somewhat to my surprise (and a testimony to the amount of information available here), I managed to get MinimServer running. It required going to MinimServer's http page and accepting a licence agreement, but after that it seemed to be OK, as its web ui said it was running (and the log showed this as well). The problem was that I couldn't access it from any PC on my network.


MinimServer is controlled via MinimWatch, which can be installed on a Windows PC. I installed it, and it had no problem finding a MinimServer test server that I was running on a Synology NAS. But I couldn't get it to find the docker MinimServer. (I tried shutting down the Syno server and reinstalled MinimWatch, but that didn't help.)


I'm wondering if the problem is with UPnP (which I know very little about) and whether it somehow needs to be enabled on unRAID. I read a thread here on the Logitech Media Server docker which mentioned a similar-sounding UPnP problem. It was suggested there that Bridge mode should be used for Network Type, so I tried that, but it seems to remove (or not require) any port mapping then. So I think I misunderstood what is required. Is something else required in order to enable UPnP? (And is that the likely problem?)

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Good morning sonofdbn, here is a discussion that you might find useful:


I followed these steps as provided by Simon:

  1. Create a folder to be used for building the Docker image (I used /mnt/user/system/docker/appdata/minimserver)
  2. Download the file MinimServer- from this page and save it in this folder
  3. Download the file Dockerfile.bin from this link, save it in this folder and rename it to Dockerfile
  4. In a terminal window, change directory to this folder and run the following commands:
docker build -t minimserver: .
docker run -p:1900:1900/udp -p:9790:9790 -p:9791:9791 --net=host minimserver:

This should start MinimServer in a Docker container. Issue is the following:

docker run -p:1900:1900/udp -p:9790:9790 -p:9791:9791 --net=host minimserver:
MinimServer, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
autoUpdate: installed package 'minimserver-0.8-update-104'
autoUpdate: relaunching
MinimServer update 104, Copyright © 2012-2017 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
MinimServer: ohNet port 9791 is already in use
MinimServer: startup error (see crash file for stack trace)

The discussion is kind of stuck since Sep. 7th.


There might be some Docker experts here who can help or having any great idea?

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Good morning, here is how I implemented by using one of the Dockerhub (this is copy & paste of post #38 of the MinimServer Forum link I posted above. :

1.) You need to accept Dockerhub in CA
2.) Install the Docker from above
3.) Modify settings and add one Host Path
4.) Starting your new Docker and open the log in order to accept Terms & Conditions


However, this version is not officially supported by Simon but his official guide doesn‘t provide a solution that is surviving a reboot.

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Thanks for sharing. For whatever reasons, Simon didn't appreciate this solution and hinted it may stop working?


Anyhow, I like it and may be a good solution for me as well. Can you share a bit more how you have done it. The four steps above read easy, but not clear to me where to do what. Thanks!

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Wow, I haven't been keeping track of this, and now things have moved on so much. Thanks so much, EdgarWallace. I've successfully installed the docker following your instructions. A wonderful Christmas present!


Er, of course now I want more... I've installed Minimstreamer as well, as I normally use this to convert flac to wav24. But to do this I also need to install ffmpeg, presumably somewhere where Minimstreamer can find it. Any idea how this can be done?

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Well, I did some digging around and I came up with an inelegant way of putting ffmpeg into the container. My Linux skills are very limited, so I googled around and also read the Minimserver documentation about the stream converter (in my case ffmpeg) here.


The first thing was to get a command prompt in the container. I opened a TTY window on my Windows PC and logged on to the unRAID server. Then I got into the docker container by using

docker exec -it docker-minimserver /bin/bash

I hunted a bit and found the minimserver directory under /opt. Under that minimserver directory is another opt directory, and I think I had to create the bin sub-directory under that. So that gave me the opt/bin directory I had to put ffmpeg in (/opt/minimserver/opt/bin).


Next, I had to get ffmpeg, and found a static build here. I used the x86_64 build; initially I wasn't sure how to get it into the container, but since I had already mapped the /media folder to my music folder, I just needed to get ffmpeg into the music folder. So I downloaded the package ffmpeg-git-64bit-static.tar.xz and unzipped it (used 7-Zip) then copied ffmpeg into the music folder. Then in the terminal window I copied ffmpeg from the /media folder into /opt/minimserver/opt/bin. (I  actually took a longer route, but this is the gist of what worked.)


After that I opened the properties window from Minimwatch, went to System and entered ffmpeg for stream.converter and clicked Apply, and Minimserver found it (it appears as opt/bin/ffmpeg in my case) and now I'm happily transcoding flac to wav24.


I'm not sure if Minimserver needs to be restarted for it to see the ffmpeg, and when I first tried, it didn't appear to find ffmpeg but after a few seconds I think the error message saying Minimserver couldn't find ffmpeg disappeared.


No doubt there is a better way of doing this (and I'm not sure if this will survive a restart), but I'm happy it's working. Now I can shutdown my Linux Mint VM which I used only to run Minimserver. 

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Wow, cool, you rock! This is great!


Just made an attempt to install the new fork "fresh". Unfortunately, not successful.


Do I need to manually set the host ports 1 and 2 and the host path. I don't mean the content of it, but the actual "rows"/"fields" don't show in the template? Also, your screenshot shows the network type as host and I assume I can set it to bridge instead?

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